Covid-19 – Fast Pacing Toward A Digital Regime

Who would have ever imagined that COVID-19 outbreak would spur such stupendous high-speed digital transformations to occur in the business world? These so-called quarantine times have completely changed the ball game altogether with their unusual capacity of inspiring a digital technology boost. COVID-19 has contagiously infected millions of companies and consumers around the globe to alter their functioning dynamics right on to 100% digital computing, connection and communication.

Now, digital has become the new buzzword which is driving the businesses forward in these Corona pandemic times. Digital technology has definitely locked horns with the lockdown situation and emerged victorious in showcasing solutions across the globe. The numbers of all those working from home (WFH) are on the rise which proves the unprecedented success of digital mediums in these apparent difficult times.

Get Ready for the Boost

Digital technology has revolutionized the thinking patterns and progressively affected strategies so you can accomplish your company’s set targets or even surpass these. 40% of companies are potentially spending more on software to solidify long term business trends caused by the prevailing crisis. So equip your business with digital art and digital media marketing campaigns to optimize output and outperform to impact your consumer lives in unique ways.

Slingshot Effect

You can successfully break the traditional barriers which are holding your brand back physically and reach out to meet your customers online. As it is a known fact that millions have access to cell phones, internet, google search engines, blog posts, emails and twitter among other highly viral tools. So, the Corona pandemic has unlocked the vast potential to reach out to your customers in all corners of the globe.

Online is the Way to Go

A 73% spike is witnessed in total mobile E-Commerce sales in the coming year. This has resulted in a tumultuous online sales of trillions of dollars and growing yearly. You can harness this dominant market via evident changes in your digital media marketing strategy for exponential conversion rates and sales increase.

Stay At Home- Shoot Sales

The stay at home behavior has brought good news for you as there has been a 39% increase in daytime viewing. Now, you can rivet the viewers with streaming videos of your products with the help of digital media marketing companies to benefit from the successive bumps and viewer retention rates. An unbelievable opportunity for you to capture the one-third purchase decisions made through online research and turn the buyers heads towards your products.

Enhance the Engagement Level

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with 90 million users who check shopping posts monthly. Your digital ads have the powerful capacity to open the floodgates of mass purchasing. Make your brand their buying preference so they keep coming back for more. Then let your product videos do the rest and shoot your organic traffic by 157% to hook your audience for an out of this world experience.

Showcase to Win

Be on the winning turf with the digital media marketing campaign as 32% of the sales happen through social media showcasing. So, use these effective handles and make a huge shout out for your brand. This will definitely drive home the purchases for your products. With the digital ad spending surpassing the offline mediums, it surely speaks volumes about its conversion success.

Unleash the digital technology power and direct it towards bringing your brand on top of the hit list. The Lightwave Digital team is leading by example in these COVID-19 times and experiencing unparalleled work from home boost. The functionality has risen tremendously with the efficient usage of a vast variety of digital mediums to remain in the forefront including video conferencing, zoom meetings, skype convergence, whatsapp sessions and much more to bring you the best digital media marketing services ever!