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Real Estate In Pakistan

The real estate market in Pakistan is constantly evolving. Traditional marketing methods earlier required a lot of time, money and effort and the results were far from satisfactory. SMS marketing has shown significant results as people are now using mobile phones more frequently. That is why marketing messages delivered through SMS have a wider impact and are more likely to be converted into leads.

Lead Generation

Through SMS marketing service for real estate, leads are easily generated and converted into a business opportunity. Agents send marketing messages of a recently launched housing project along with some information that lures the customer into asking more about the project. The agent then grabs hold of the opportunity and converts it into business.

Setting Up An Appointment

Once all the information is provided to the customer, the agent then sets up an appointment. Using SMS marketing service, the appointment alert is sent through an SMS as a reminder. When the appointment is set up, the client visits the site, looks at the progress of the housing project, and discusses the payment plan with the agent, who is quite likely to make the purchase. SMS marketing helps close deals.


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