Retal ITSP Presentations

Lightwave Digital presents a grand gallery of Retal ITSP Presentations with Retal Square, Al Qayrawan and Ewan Al-Maali. These beautiful residences are exhibited through LW’s superb service bouquet which lives up to their world-class community standards. These LW touch screen presentations portray marked locations with separate indicators of the amenities and facilities.

LW steps up the project elevation with the designed three-dimensional views of the spacious living spaces. These include floor plans, layouts and walkthroughs with a 360-degree view. Each architectural angle is portrayed to perfection. The exclusive and elegant apartment range with the scenic surroundings is shown with splendor through LW lens.

  • Retal Residence
  • Construction
  • Touch Screen Presentation

Retal Square - ITSP

Al Qayrawan - ITSP

Ewan Al-Maali - ITSP

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