Content Development

Words make intangible, tangible. Lightwave Digital’s content specialists will sprinkle the spice that is powerful enough to pull the right chords and win hearts.
Website Content Writing Services

We specialize in writing the perfect & catching website content that hooks your audience ensuring the right Metadata, SEO capabilities and adding creativity.

Translation & Writing Services

Where creativity is required is where we thrive, our expert writers are artists that take up writing as an artistic challenge. We create creative content in any manner that you require including providing services that are to the tee.

Content Management Systems

We create bespoke Content Management Systems that are highly customized to cater to your needs. From the minute of details to the most elaborate system needed we make sure that we provide you with a CMS that covers all aspects.


We not only push content for you but also manage it, from blog posts to news. We ensure that the right and the relevant audience is reached with information you need to pass on to them.

Press Releases

Choose the best press release distribution service. We create compelling content, share your story with press releases and distribute content.

Tags & Videos Scripts

Good marketing video doesn't just happen. Lightwave Digital believes that it takes proper brainstorming, planning, production, and a good script.


We write effective FAQ which preempts customer concerns, allows potential buyers to help themselves while giving your customer service team a small break.

User Comments, etc.

Lightwave Digital allocates a dedicated resource for looking over the comments of your videos, making sure both negative and positive comments are handled smartly.